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Inline filter

Filter systems from the plant supplier

As a world-wide successful plant supplier, Zeppelin Systems Latin America is very demanding as far as its products and filters are concerned, namely they must be technological forerunners. With its experience and know-how acquired through the implementation of hundreds of projects and plant installations, ZSLA also leads in the manufacturing of modern filter systems, from which its clients can profit and grant their success.

Due to its experience as specialist for plant implementations, ZSLA can always provide for the best solutions, either for a standard filter or a specific filter system that contemplates all the requirements the client needs. The customer sets the parameters - ZSLA works out the optimal solution for it. Without interface problems or delays; always according to Zeppelin's international quality standards.

Zeppelin standard filters offer highest functionality and maximum efficiency.

Field-proven – reliable – innovative

- Bin vent filter
- Dust collector
- Safety filter
- Suction filter



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