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Bag filter

- Excellent dust filtering capacity;
- Construction material: carbon steel or stainless steel;
- Supports for bags of galvanized carbon steel;
- Cleaning piping for filtering elements;
- Programmable timer;
- Ladders and Platforms;
- Easy operation;
- Low maintenance costs;
- Best ratio cost – benefit.

Exhaust and dedusting systems for pneumatic conveying

Filtering process of particles in the air, such that emissions, are within limits imposed by law.

Bag filters are used to filter the dust generated in storage silos and pneumatic conveying systems for bulk solids and at exhaust capture points for dust and fumes.

After filtering, the clean air is discharged to the atmosphere by a fan.

The material retained in the filtering elements is detached and returned either to be discarded or reconditioned by air jet.

A compressed air reservoir coupled to the filter, in combination with electronic monitoring and diaphragm / solenoid valves, releases the cleaning air. System: Pulse-Jet.

Also known as Baghouse, this kind of dust collector has many applications in the most different industrial areas. This is partly possible because the bags are available in many different fabrics, although the most commons are polyester, acryl, Teflon and their combinations.

Bag filters are an excellent option to preserve the environment and also to avoid penalties from legal entities, providing that the system was properly dimensioned based on adequate know-how.

Come and get to know our additional products, perfects for your venture:


The INTELLI-FILTER is a programmable electronic sequencer for filter elements cleaning. Was developed to drive cleaning only when needed, generating savings in power consumption and compressed air, and longer life of filter elements.


- The sequencer exchange data with your Android smartphone via WIFI;
- Lower maintenance cost;
- Lower energy cost;
- Easy installation;
- Increase filter elements service life;
- RETROFIT cartridges or bags filters from any model or manufacturer;
- Annual savings pay the investment;
- Silo climbing frequency reduced.


It was developed to actuate the filter elements cleaning only when necessary, saving energy and compressed air, also provide higher filter elements durability.

- No wire needed for data transmission;
- Lower compressed air consumption;
- WIFI reaches up to 90 m.

The Intelli-Filter measure and process the differential pressure between the filter elements external part (dirty side) and internal part (clean side) actuating its cleaning in a predictive way and no more in preventive way.


- Power Supply 24VDC;
- 16 Output channels (24VDC each) up to 1A each;
- Backlit LCD 16X2;
- Differential pressure sensor range: 0 a 1019mmH²0 error: +/-5%;
- Communication with smartphones via App.


- Temperature sensor
range of temperature: -40 a 80°C error: +/-2ºC;
range of humidity: 0 a 100% error: +/- 5%;
- The cable 2,0 m;
- Pressure transmission via 4~20mA;
- Ethernet communication.

Through the app it is possible to view real-time filter status, obtain cleaning logs, and the savings generated by the Intelli - Filter (compared to a conventional sequencer).


- User friendly interface;
- Easy installation;
- Dynamic configuration;
- Smart Notifications;
- Lightweight (does require not excessive memory of your smartphone);
- Information precise and fulltime information;
- Supports and suggests maintenance interventions;
- All information in the palm.

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Zeppelin offers the best solution for your specific needs.


Example of a bag filter


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