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Knife valve

Slide or gate valve for flow control in pneumatic conveying

Perfect sealing for materials’ flow in conveying lines.

Developed to block the flow of dry bulk powdered materials at the outlet of silos, conveying screws and bag filters, among others, especially for maintenance services.

The housing of the gate valve from Zeppelin Systems Latin America is made of cast iron, thus being a particularly robust equipment.

Available with manual drive through wheel or chain and pneumatic drive through cylinder.

Models with manual chain or pneumatic drive can be installed at any height.

- Characteristics of the product:

- Applicable for abrasive materials;
- Capacity up to 1000 t/h;
- Housing made of cast iron;
- Available in 6 sizes;
- Pneumatic or manual drive;
- Applicable for high temperatures;
- Models with stainless steel blades are available.

Some advantages:

- Low maintenance cost;
- Easy operation (pressure adjustment of fluidizing air for each type of material);
- Best cost-benefit ratio - more productivity;
- Spare parts are easily replaceable.

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

Detailed drawing of knife valves

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