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Zeppelin Systems Latin America factory export equipment



Zeppelin Systems Latin America manufactured dozens of equipment in Brazil in 2017. The destination countries were Mexico, the United States, and Turkey. The final customers were 4 major tire manufacturers and a manufacturer of polymer compounds.

All the products were designed with special dimensions to allow freight in the conventional container, reducing the cost of maritime transportation.

Among the items for these projects, stand out:

• Internal silos (10 of 30 m³ plus 8 of 15 m³) made of aluminum for daily storage of carbon black/silica and feeding of the dosing system;
• 32 fluidization cones to ensure total carbon black extraction from the inside of the silos;
• four 2 m³ hoppers made of aluminum for carbon black and silica;
• 02 hoppers made of stainless steel of 1 m³ with internal mixing tool and cooling system;
• 10 bulk bag unloaders, comprising bag connection nozzle, hopper, and the support structure with big-bag massaging paddles and guardrail.

In addition to the projects carried out by Zeppelin Systems Latin America in 2017, the plant in Brazil has shown that it has the capacity and international quality to produce equipment for its headquarter in Germany or any subsidiaries around the world, with all European quality standards for the manufacturing of equipment. The quality coupled with the flexibility of the delivery time was also a decisive factor for this settlement to manufacture these equipment in Brazil.

The unit of Brazil has been present for more than 41 years in the country and is located in São Bernardo do Campo / SP where it has its own land of 26 thousand m², 6.2 thousand m² of built area.

These projects demonstrate the strategic vision of Zeppelin Systems GmBH in having a Brazilian plant. Brazilian customers can benefit from this quality and flexibility and still have the option to purchase, using the FINAME credit line.

For projects with a Zeppelin LA System, consult one of our application engineers. Zeppelin has the best solutions for your business!

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Silos carbon black and sílica

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista
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