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Zeppelin Systems performs social action at the Maria Amélia Home in SBC



The Maria Amélia Beneficent Association in São Bernardo do Campo works in the community, providing spiritual and material assistance to needy families in the region.

The Association has the Jesus Gonçalves project that assists needy families with the delivery of a monthly basic food basket to each duly registered family.

Zeppelin LA has an incentive program for filling out its customer satisfaction questionnaire.

This program constitutes that for each questionnaire of satisfaction filled on our website, a food basket is donated to a charity.

We recently got 25 questionnaires answered and fulfilled our commitment by donating 25 food baskets on 3/23/2016 to the Maria Amelia home.

You Zeppelin Systems customer, who wants to be supportive, participate!

Click on the link below and answer our satisfaction survey:

Zeppelin LA is proud to participate in social projects like this one. Small attitudes can transform lives!

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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