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Radici invest in homogenization silos manufactured by Zeppelin Systems LA



Radici Plastics, company from the group Radici, one of the main manufacturers of Thermal-Plastics and techno polymers, modernized its manufacturer plant with new mechanic homogenization silos manufactured by Zeppelin Systems Latin America. Besides the plastics, the Radici actuation extends itself at the chemical products as well the synthetic fiber schedule and non-tissue. Its actuation beginning for plastic manufacturing was in 80’s and in Brazil installed the company in 1997.

The homogenization silos were installed to increase the product quality, what reduces the pattern deviation of the desired value. So that, Radici’s customers have a high quality product to use and with its characteristics always continuous avoiding routines adjustments at the machines. The homogenization silos are manufactured in stainless steel and provided of vertical inner screw in need of the product revolving.

The Zeppelin mechanical homogenization silos make part of many options, for example the gravity type, Multi-Pipe, Multi-Channel, Multi-Flow and Center-Blend and the pneumatic ones type Circlemix. Furthermore, Zeppelin has many solutions for the raw material handling and finished products.

Zeppelin, again, Leader Company for equipment market since 40 years ago, participates on the Industrial increase improvement plan, sourcing complete solutions for storage, homogenization and dry solid handling.

Mark Heinke
Commercial Manager

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