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Zeppelin Systems Latin America installed system for insulating powder, bag filters with off-line cleaning, pneumatic conveying and aluminium silos



Within the state of São Paulo, one of the worldwide largest scientific groups installed a plant to produce an innovative product. The raw material, when mixed with other components, becomes a thermal insulating material that is used in several industrial processes.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America, a company that for more than 37 years offers equipment for receiving, storage, dosing and conveying of bulk materials, was awarded with the supply of a process bag filter, pneumatic conveying and storage silos for this innovative material.

For the concept of the bag filter both grain size and extremely low bulk density were considered. With eight filtering compartments, one of them off-line, and a filtering area of 4500 m2, the equipment complied with the legal atmospheric emission prescribed by CETESB.

The filter works with low load losses, ensuring more productivity and less maintenance stops.

All material is extracted from the compartments through rotary vales, which continuously feed the vacuum conveying lines, that convey the product to the storage silos.

The aluminum silos are long skirt type and have a useful storage capacity up to 170 m3 each. The systems are totally integrated and work automatically with the process and packaging systems.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America is proud for having participated of this investment, which is highly committed with the environment and sustainable development policy.

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Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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