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Zeppelin Systems Latin America builds aluminium structure for ship commissioned by Arpoardor / Brasil Supply » "BS Geribá"



Brasil Supply, a joint-venture between Cotia Trading, Petrobras Distribuidora, Grupo Suzano and Grupo Gerhardt Santos, delivers to Petrobras the fifth ship out of 17. These were agreed under the Fleet Renewal Plan of Offshore Support Ships (Prorefam), to meet the demands of the pre-salt operations.

The most recently incorporated boat to the fleet, BS GERIBA, was baptized in Guarujá, SP, on February 11th 2014.

The aluminum structure of the boat was completely welded and fabricated by Zeppelin Systems Latin America and assembled at Arpoador’s shipyard in Guarujá.

The BS GERIBÁ can carry 150 tons of cargo, 60 passengers, 40 m3 of drinking water and 138 m3 of diesel oil at a cruising speed of 25 knots – equivalent to 46 km/h.

Click on the link below to assist to a small film of the boat’s first sea test:

Brasil Supply S.A. awarded Arpoador Engenharia with the design and assembly project, including the building of the hull and superstructure by Zeppelin Systems Latin America.
Zeppelin Systems LA executed the building of hull and superstructure based on its welding technology in strict conformity with quality control proceedings.
At its shipyard in Guarujá, Arpoador was responsible for the assembly project and installation of all equipment.

The next boat that will be delivered to Brasil Supply by Arpoador is named BS Camobriu, by now ready for final assembly and equipment’s installation in the Guarujá shipyard.

Zeppelin Systems LA is proud of participating in this important Project showing its capacity to supply “work boats” of international quality for the utmost demanding oil & gas industry.

Ricardo B. dos Santos

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