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Zeppelin Reimelt invests in Germany to operate new food technology center



In less than 10 months ZEPPELIN REIMELT has built it’s new modern technology center for research, development, customer tests and training for food industries in Rödermark.

According to Mr. Bernhard Scherer, CEO of Zeppelin Systems, Germany, “The construction of this 600 m2 large building is another milestone in the history of Zeppelin Reimelt which will contribute to an increased strength and success of the 350-employee location in the future”.

From now on, Zeppelin’s Plant Engineering can present itself in the market with the world’s largest network for technology centers for handling high quality bulk solids.

With the new Food Technology Center, Zeppelin Reimelt will be able to comply with the individual requirements of their customers. A modular system has been installed in the new two-stores building, thus ensuring high flexibility.

Testing plants comprising feeding, screening, dosing, conveying, weighing and mixing processes may be configured in accordance with the specific requirements.

The adjacent laboratories are well equipped for taking measurements and carrying out detailed analysis and evaluations.

The conception of the Food Technology Center in accordance with the highest hygienic standards for foodstuff EHEDG¹ ensures state-of-the-art conditions for testing with regard to handling of liquid and powdery raw materials.

Spacious conference rooms offer space for training, confidential meetings with customers and international workshops.

In Brazil, Zeppelin Systems Latin America operates a Test Center since August 2004. There, pneumatic conveying tests in dense and dilute phase can be run. Samples of raw materials can be tested and dosed. Among others, this Test Center has been used for food, such as flour, cocoa powder, oat flakes, etc.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America is always at your disposal to offer solutions that will benefit your production process, as proven by its clients.

Ricardo B. Santos

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