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Once again engepack continues to invest with Zeppelin equipment



ENGEPACK is one of the leading Brazilian companies manufacturing PET packaging. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is the best and most resistant plastic to be used for bottling of soft drinks, water, juice, edible oils, drugs, hygienic and cleaning products, among innumerable other products that the market finds out every day.

Nowadays PET is the most popular resin that shows one of the highest growth rates as packaging raw material while offering elevated productivity gains.

Because of the confidence gained by former projects, Engepack awarded Zeppelin Systems Latin America with an order for two new storage silos for PET together with the pneumatic conveying system needed for the fabrication of the pre-molds in their plant in Simões Filho.

The plastic receiving system comprises:

• Aluminum silos of 166 m3 each, equipped with load cells;
• BigBag unloading system;
• Pneumatic conveying system until the silos positioned inside the plant;

All equipment was fabricated according to Zeppelin’s international quality standards.

Aluminum silos on load cells, lighting on top of the silos and piping with acoustic insulation.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America is always at the entire disposal of its clients to work out solutions that will improve the industrial processes of their plants.

Ricardo Santos

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