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Startch receiving system



An international mining company that extracts and processes iron ore north of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais awarded ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS LATIN AMERICA with an order to supply a cornstarch handling and receiving plant.

The supply comprises a bulk truck discharge system using pneumatic conveying through suction and pressure. Also known as “push-pull” system, it allows for extreme efficiency and flexibility, especially for discharging open bulk trucks.

As neither use of tilting bulk trucks nor construction of a pit (usually of considerable size to provide enough room for a receiving hopper) is required, this is a low investment system.

Furthermore, using common bulk trucks instead of more expensive and pressurized trucks of complex operation, the mining company will economize on freight costs.

The system has been designed for a discharge of 20 t/h, transferring the starch to process silos with an alternative system for big-bags.

Through a hydraulic suction lance the system scans the surface of the truck’s platform suction tray to a cyclone filter, where the suction air is separated from the solids.

The same blowers that generate vacuum also provide for the required pressure to push the product from the collecting point beneath the filter to the silos. If the silos should not be fed from trucks, the system also allows for big-bags discharge.

This is only one of the many solutions that Zeppelin Systems Latin America offers for receiving of dry bulk powdered materials.

Ricardo B. Santos

WILLY HAINZ Manager Business Unit
Cements and Minerals

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