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More Zeppelin silos sold than Pelé goals scored!



Because of the bulk market growth in the last decades, storage of raw materials in silos becomes more and more a reality. The benefits obtained through silo storage are clear and irrefutable. Prove hereof are the proper users, who after installation of the first silo never turn back to packaged goods. On the contrary, they increase their bulk storage capacity.

Zeppelin Systems not only keeps up with this growth but also is pioneer in local fabrication of aluminum silos. The product was launched in Brazil in 1995 and since then more than 1000 silos have been supplied, surpassing Pelé’s 1000 goals. Process, homogenizing (blenders) and storage silos were delivered to the main petrochemical industries and plastic consumers. With volumes ranging from 1 m3 to 2550 m3 for all kind of polymers, product storage in silos guarantees safety, productivity, security and most of all economy to users.

Zeppelin Systems is proud of its role in helping to introduce this operative modality and congratulates all who believed and contributed to this change. This is certainly a non-return course - everybody will surrender to its benefits.

Storage and distribution of bulk polymers are a worldwide tendency due to the many benefits involved. Zeppelin Systems is certain that those who are not yet included in this statistic will surrender to development. This is an investment that pays off!

Mark Heinke
Sales Director

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