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Loma Negra installs multi chamber silo in its cement mixing and logistic plant in Vicente Casares - BS. AS. - Argentina



LOMA NEGRA, a subsidiary of Camargo Corrêa Cimentos, is the largest cement producer in Argentina.

To increase the capacity of their mixing and logistic plant in Vicente Casares, nearby Buenos Aires, Loma Negra is building a new multi chamber silo. They awarded Zeppelin Systems Latin America with an order for the supply of the extraction and loading systems for bulk solids from bulk tank trucks and the feeding of the bagging machines.

Comprising four chambers (one round central chamber plus three lateral chambers) with a total storage capacity of 12.000 t, the silo is being built with an inverted cone, according to Zeppelin Systems’ Latin America architectural design.

Highlight of the system is the possibility to receive products from tank bulk trucks (simple cart type) to bi-tank trucks (consisting of two loading areas) at high feeding speed without displacing the truck.

Another important fact is the operational flexibility of the silo. From each storage chamber it is possible to feed any of the receiving points, i.e. one of the two bulk loading systems or the bagging machines.

LOMA NEGRA entrusted Zeppelin Systems Latin America with this important technological mission for the expansion of its plant in Vicente Casares.

Besides of being present in Brazil and Latin America for 35 years, Zeppelin Systems Latin America has large experience in bulk handling solutions supported by numerous storage systems designed and tailor made for customers according to their needs that are operating in Brazil and America.

Ricardo B. Santos

Eng. Willy Hainz
Manager Business Unit
Cement and Minerals

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