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Zeppelin Group unifies names



Reimelt Henschel GmbH is now called Zeppelin. Reimelt's affiliation to Zeppelin will now be clearly recognizable by the new name and corporate presence.

Because both companies - Zeppelin as well as Reimelt - are counted among the leaders in system construction in raw material handling, synergies were determined, subsidiaries were merged, business unites were defined and now, last but not least, the company names have been changed since June 1st, 2010:

a) Reimelt Henschel GmbH is now called Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH.

b) Zeppelin Silos & Systems GmbH has changed its name to Zeppelin Systems GmbH.

Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH plans, develops, manufactures and installs process - technological systems for the handling of powdered, viscous and liquid raw materials as well as mixers for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics processing and chemical industries.
Fat-frying systems for the food industry and compounding systems for the plastic processing and chemical industries are also included in the Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH portfolio.

High quality key components for the process technology are the basis for a smooth operating and, therefore, economical production processes. Due to this fact, Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH manufactures their own components for the rigorous requirements of industrial production.

Just as there is a great variety of industrial branches, there is also an equal great variety of corresponding requirements. In order to be able to exactly satisfy these varying needs, Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH will continue to have its individual business divisions which will, with immediate effect, operate under new names:

Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH, Food Technology (Rödermark)
Systems and components for bakery, food and confectionary industries

Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH, Liquids Processing (Landau)
Systems and components for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH, Henschel Mixing Technology (Kassel)
Systems and components for the plastic processing and chemical industries

The extensive Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH know-how means system concepts without interfaces. The development of integrated system solutions is also necessary for a smoothly operating process automation.

As a globally active company with locations in all of the world's important commercial centers and with production facilities in Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and China, Zeppelin Reimelt can ensure that their customers always will have the most modern technology - innovative and dependable for their maximum financial success.

In Brazil and Latin America, Reimelt's operations are already fully integrated to the traditional operations of JMB ZEPPELIN, now:


Specialists in Food, Liquids, Mixing Technology and Plastics are at your disposal to help with the selection of the ideal technologies for each specific need at the following address:

Rua João XXIII, 650 - CEP 09851-707 - São Bernardo do Campo, SP – Brasil.

Fone: + 55 (11) 4393-9400
Fax: + 55 (11) 4392-2333

“The integration of the activities has brought even more comfort to Reimelt's clients because, now, local engineering, spare parts, training, national fabrication and financing under special conditions are available" affirmed Ricardo B. Santos, Director of ZEPPELIN REIMELT in Brazil.

Ricardo B. Santos Director

JMB ZEPPELIN Equipamentos Industriais Ltda.

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