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JMB Zeppelin launches Tracemat® for micro ingredients weighing at expobor 2010



JMB ZEPPELIN increases its range of products for raw materials handling launching an off-line and error-proof MICRO WEIGHING system for the manufacture of rubber with complete traceability.

The TRACEMAT® will help manufacturers that seek for precise and reliable weighing of their micro ingredients with 100% of traceability. All raw materials of the recipes are registered in a “log” file together with all information regarding weight, time of weighing, operator and shift.

The entire automation of this equipment has been developed by Zeppelin’s matchless technology.

Once the recipe and the number of batches are defined, it is virtually impossible that the operator makes mistakes.

The concept comprises a carousel that moves the raw materials quickly and precisely to the operators reach, a micro weighing station, and optionally, a carousel for the blended material.

Its construction has been optimized, making the equipment available not only to large tire manufacturers but also to technical rubber producers.

To increase the number of recipes for each batch, the TRACEMAT® can be integrated to a carousel with recipes, another equipment developed according to the highest German technology, so that a weighing cycle can consist of up to 12 recipes.

JMB Zeppelin will be participating of the trade show EXPOBOR 2010, the biggest Latin American event for rubber, and will be glad to present all relevant information on the TRACEMAT® to its visitors.

Make a stop at our booth and find out the advantages our TRACEMAT® and our other products for the rubber industry offer.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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