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Silo truck

From its origin, the silo is an agricultural storage improvement, usually used to store agricultural products.

Dimensions and technical characteristics of a silo depend on the purpose of its use and should mainly provide for:

- Preservation of the quality of the stored product;
- Easy silo feeding and discharge.

Silos to store agricultural grains are known as "grain silos", being their main purpose to keep the grains dry in order to avoid deterioration and losses. On the other hand, silage storage applies for silos that mainly maintain an anaerobic environment.

Grain silos are usually located in farms, ports or cereal companies; mostly in places of easy access to cities, highways, railways or waterways.

Among the different ways of transportation, the silo truck is an interesting option. Nowadays, storage silos are used for a large variety of bulk raw materials, especially for those with added value. (E.g. cereals, mineral powders and thermoplastic pellets, among others.)

From the producer to the consumer, it becomes more and more usual to transport the goods through bulk silo trucks. There are different types of silo trucks that can be loaded easily and quickly, transport the materials and discharge them into the silos at destination. This procedure avoids the packaging of raw materials at the industrial plant of origin, which reduces costs for manufacturers and customers.

All free flowing materials or grains can be loaded, transported and unloaded by bulk silo trucks.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America fabricates in Brazil offers equipment for bulk handling, among which bulk also truck loading and unloading equipment.

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Crianças admirando a vista
Crianças admirando a vista
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