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Aluminum and stainless steel silos

Silos and Systems - Aluminum and stainless steel solutions

Storage of polymers and other bulk products in its very best way

This is the function that an aluminum or stainless steel silo from Zeppelin Systems LA fulfills with perfection.
Customized products fabricated with first-class technology in Zeppelin Systems LA manufacturing plant in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil, ensure a profitable return on your investment.

Aluminum Silos: the utmost solution

From the proven technology in fabrication to an almost lifetime material guarantee, Zeppelin Systems LA offers the highest industrial standards.
Silos up to approximately 200 m3 are shop fabricated, silos with higher capacity are prefabricated at the workshop and site assembled.

Cargo Transfer systems: flexibility and efficiency

Zeppelin Systems LA offers personalized solutions for cargo transfer from bulk trucks, sea bulk containers or big bags.
Pneumatic conveying systems reduce costs and material's transfer time.
Reduction of product loss during cargo transfer is another benefit made possible by Zeppelin Systems LA conveying systems.

Silo Management System

Specialized software allows for a computerized management from a single silo to a silo farm or distribution centers, so that a complete and precise control of storage capacity, product transfer and blending is possible.

Crianças admirando a vista

Aluminum silos

Crianças admirando a vista
Crianças admirando a vista
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