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Bulktilter® is the ideal equipment to load and unload different bulk materials, such as polymers, coffee grains, carbon black, cereals, fertilizers, alumina and other industrial powders or pellets from containers with liner.

Operates with 20 feet containers according to ISO 668 1995

Main Characteristics:

- Robust carbon steel construction;
- Hydraulic Station;
- Totally automated controls;
- Complete automation - HMI and PLC;
- Easy interface with storage systems, filters, blowers, etc.;
- Container positioning device and centralizing unit;
- Safety systems and devices;
- Completely preinstalled (electric and hydraulic);
- Allows for using all kind of container trucks.


- Hydraulic centralizing connection system;
- Supports on the floor (mandatory for loading operation);
- Traffic light for truck drivers orientation;
- Marine painting;
- Metallic base structure, fixed to the floor by anchoring bolts;
- Hydraulic high-speed system;
- Metal detector.



- Materials handling time;
- Packaging costs;
- Logistic costs;
- Purchase costs for raw materials;
- Workmanship costs;
- Material losses;
- No need for BigBags storage areas.

Used with silos, frees significant industrial area for other process purposes
No need for lift trucks, thus reducing accidents
Closed system, avoids dispersion of particles to the atmosphere and risks of contamination

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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