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General Motors do Brasil invests in silo for storage of plastic resins - SCS



In this last expansion, with the objective of increasing the productivity and automation of the injection molding of plastic parts, the São Caetano do Sul factory invested in 03 (three) silos for the storage of plastic resins.

The concept of storing raw materials in silos is increasingly present in manufacturing plants. The reason is the great gain that the acquisition generates when migrating from a concept of big bags or bags, which generate waste, contamination of raw materials, large logistics costs with forklifts and labor for handling, besides the need to have a roofed area, whose costs are much higher when compared to the small external area needed to install storage silos.

Again, Zeppelin, the industry leader in the equipment market for more than 42 years, is participating in ambitious industry growth plans, providing complete solutions for storage and handling of dry solids.

In your factory investment process, consult Zeppelin's application engineers, so that your company will have a competitive edge.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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