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Fitesa invests in Zeppelin's equipment for new factory in Cosmópolis / SP



FITESA - a leading company in the nonwoven industry for almost 30 years, specializing in the supply of innovative materials for the hygiene, medical and industrial markets, such as baby care products, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence.

With executive management offices in Gravataí Brazil and Simpsonville United States, operating eleven factories in eight countries. With plants located close to customers and the newest technologies at our disposal.

In order to be part of the investment of the new Cosmópolis plant, Fitesa contracted Zeppelin Systems Latin America to supply all the automation in the reception of raw material, storage and transfer.

Zeppelin Silos are part of a wide range of equipment options designed for the best logistical concept of solid, powdered or granular raw materials on the market.

The concept of storing raw materials in silos is increasingly present in the plants, since the stored raw material is being verticalized, occupying a smaller space. Avoiding larger covered areas, whose costs are much higher when compared to the small external area needed to install storage silos.

Once again, Zeppelin, the industry leader in the field of equipment for 45 years, is participating in the industry's ambitious growth plans, providing complete solutions for storage and handling of dry solids.

ZEPPELIN is proud to have participated in this important project.

Ricardo Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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