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Braskem ensures its leadership relying on high quality provided by Zeppelin Systems Latin America



Braskem is a most important global player for thermoplastic resins (polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC) and other chemical products. Braskem built partnerships with its clients in more than 70 countries. In 36 industrial plants located in Brazil, USA and Germany, Braskem produces a total of 16 million tons of products.

It is Braskem’s philosophy to develop successful partnerships granting added value and competitive products to their clients. Furthermore, Braskem offers a personalized service and certified high quality products, technical assistance before and after sales, specialized logistics and the opportunity for tests and development of specific products.

Braskem is the absolute world leader in the production of biopolymers. In 2010, the company placed on the market “green polyethylene”, made of renewable raw material, i.e. from ethanol, extracted from sugar cane.

This is a unique worldwide initiative due to the volumes involved and because of the excellent quality attained.

Based on Zeppelin Systems LA’s technology, the units of Brakem in Camaçari and Triunfo updated their heat exchangers in order to increase the reliability of their processes.

• Tube bundle for shell and tube heat exchanger, type ‘BEU’, with 300 machined holes and a length of approx. 5000 mm.

• Shell and tube nitrogen cooler, type ‘BXU’, diameter 750 mm and total height of 2300 mm, made of AISI 304. Plate made of A-182 F304 with 236 holes. Finned tubes, type G-FIN.

• Shell and tube air cooler, type “BXU”, diameter 700 mm and total height of 2100 mm, made of AISI 304. Plate made of A-182 F 304 with 140 holes. Finned tubes, type G-FIN.

Follow Braskem’s example, don’t hesitate to contact Zeppelin Systems Latin America whenever you need an expert opinion regarding your projects. ZSLA can provide solutions that will improve your industrial processes.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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