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Syral relies on quality and technology from Zeppelin Systems to provide its plant with new silos



Tereos Syral leads the production of starch, starch sweeteners, alcohol and proteins in Europe. The company is expanding its activities in South America through its subsidiary Syral do Brasil.

Tereos Syral processes corn, flour, potatoes and manioc to produce a wide range of value-added products according to current and future needs of food, pharmaceutical, green chemicals, animal nutrition, paper and corrugated cardboard industries.

With forty one installations and a total of 26.000 employees in Europe, South America, Africa and China, Tereos accompanies the development of its clients worldwide.

The Palmital unit (Syral Halotek) is located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil and is specialized in the production of manioc starch for food and paper industries in South America. The new corn processing unit will also produce starch and glucose syrup.

Syral awarded Zeppelin Systems LA the fabrication of equipment for its new unit, i.e.

• 4 storage silos for CORN STARCH with short skirt, made of stainless steel AISI-304;
• 2 storage silos for MAIZE GERM with short skirt, made of carbon steel 1020;
• 2 storage silos com for CORN FIBERS with short skirt and flat bottom, made of carbon steel 1020;
• Vibratory cones;
• Loading spouts;
• Explosion panels according to ATEX;
• Stairs and platforms.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America is proud for having participated in this important investment and congratulates Syral for its expansion.

Zeppelin Systems LA always aims at adding benefits to its clients through modern technology and high quality equipment.

Contact Zeppelin Systems Latin America. The best solutions are at your disposal.

Ricardo B. dos Santos

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