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Zeppelin participated of the PTX South America 2013 trade show



ZEPPELIN participated in the largest Latin American exposition specialized in "Powder Technology” , the most important event regarding processing, handling and storage of dry bulk solids, particles and fine dust, held at the Expo Center Norte-São Paulo/SP from the 6th to 8th of August this year.

The fair showed the importance of Brazil within the world marked and opened doors for networking opportunities among the exhibitors.

Primarily intended for professionals in engineering, research and development, projects, logistics and quality control areas, the PTX South America was visited by a diversified audience. Among them we can highlight the food industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and agriculture industries; in addition to manufacturers of plastics and paints.

Among numerous solutions for handling powders and granulated materials as well as liquids, ZEPPELIN presented the recent improvements of its product lines; developed aiming at achieving greater productivity and profitability for its clients.

For example, the Tracemat ® is a micro ingredients dosing equipment that helps companies seeking for reliable and accurate weighing. The operation ensures 100% traceability and registers all the raw materials used in recipes in a file "log". The records contain weights, weighing time, shift operator, etc. The Tracemat ® consists of a carousel which moves quickly and accurately the raw materials, a micro-weighing station and, optionally, a carousel of ready mixtures. This improved product is the perfect solution for every industry worried about weighing accuracy of its recipes and that cares about ergonomics and safety of its operators.

Zeppelin is proud to have participated in this event and thanks all visitors for the interest shown in its systems and high-performance equipment.

For any projects involving materials handling, please don’t hesitate to contact Zeppelin’s application engineers.

Ricardo Santos

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