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RECIPEMAT® - "Recipe automation" Lauched at Fispal Trade Show



ZEPPELIN REIMELT participated of the FISPAL trade show, a major event for the packaging, food and beverage processing and logistic industries in Latin America. The trade show took place in Anhembi, São Paulo, Brazil, from 7th to 10th of June 2011. Every year companies present their last developments and market tendencies allowing for visitors to find out the best solutions for their business.

Among the many available solutions involving bulk handling of powdered products, grains or liquids, always aiming at more productivity and profit for their clients, ZEPPELIN REIMELT launched another new line of product, the Recipemat®.

The Recipemat® is the perfect equipment for those companies wishing to start automating their dosing processes, yet still receiving their raw materials in bags or big-bags.

The equipment Recipemat® consists of a hopper provided with load cells and equipped with a bag-ripping device. When loaded, the hopper controls the automatic dosing process by weight loss. One dosing screw can feed up to 4 different recipients automatically - avoiding errors that the operators can make – inclusively when the recipients contain different formulas.

This equipment is accountable for more productivity, reduction of materials losses and traceability – important reasons for clients to use this solution to profit from all those advantages.

Zeppelin is proud for having participated in this trade show and thanks all visitors for their interest in its high performance equipment.

For any projects involving handling of bulk materials, don’t hesitate to contact Zeppelin’s application engineers.

Ricardo B. Santos

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