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Bucket elevator

Lifts large quantities of powdered materials or grains.
Efficient and fast discharge system.

Discharge of solid materials:

- Maximum conveying height per module: 100 m;
- Safe and robust equipment;
- Bucket loading without building up deposits of material at the intake nozzle;
- Easy operation and maintenance;
- Conveying capacity up to 520 m3/h.

Typical features:

- Fabricated with simple belt, reinforced belt or chain;
- Set of superior head in one piece;
- Motor and reducer;
- Drum type drive;
- Outlet nozzle (optional);
- Dedusting nozzle (optional);
- Belt tensioner;
- High efficiency reducer with low operational costs;
- Over 150 kW, use of hydraulic coupling (optional);
- Inferior drum;
- Additional modules can be installed when high elevations are requested;
- Easy maintenance and low cost;
- Integrated dedusting system. Filtered materials are returned to the main system.


- Buckets made of stainless steel, carbon steel or plastic;
- Misalignment sensor for belt or chain - operation blocking;
- Bulged buckets;
- Fixed with self-locking nuts.


- Peepholes and protection doors;
- Rotation sensor;
- Ex-proof panel;
- Motor gear with blocking device to avoid backward motion;
- Non-polluting, hermetic system. Does not admit humidity from the outside;
- Aligning sensors for buckets.

Conveyable materials, among others ...

- Malt;
- Cement;
- Coal;
- Gypsum;
- Raw meal.

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Safety and robustness

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Superior head

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