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Screw pump

Reliable conveying from 1 to 150 m3/h

Applicable for abrasive materials and heavy duty work.

The screw pump from Zeppelin Systems Latin America is the core of conveying systems for cement, lime, pulverized coal, fly ash, etc.

The high performance of the pump and the simplicity of its design are the reason that this pump is an attractive and economic solution.

The Zeppelin pump requires a minimum of maintenance. Long-term service life is ensured by its sturdy construction and high wear protection against abrasive products.


- Available in different sizes for material throughput from 1 to 150 m3/h;
- Special housing for very abrasive materials;
- The special design of the pump allows for a pneumatic conveying without oscillations, which is essential for installations with injection into burners;
- Sturdy design;
- Continuous operation for conveying units;
- Easy maintenance;
- Available in shock-proof construction according to ATEX norm, for instance to convey coal dust (option);
- Screw in shielded construction.

The blades of the conveying screw are assembled and welded in subdivided parts, so that they can be replaced individually depending on wear condition.

Parts subject to abrasiveness can be replaced with minimal cost.

Do not hesitate to contact Zeppelin Systems LA whenever you need an efficient conveying system.

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Continuous operation for conveying units

Crianças admirando a vista

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