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Pressure vessel

Due to its wide and versatile application possibilities, the conveying vessel is the perfect solution to convey granulated or powdered dry materials.

Also for abrasive materials, conveying through conveying vessels is indicated for a large number of products, even in complicated routings.

As it is a closed system, environmental requirements are fully respected.

Developed and fabricated according to Zeppelin Systems' high quality standards, conveying vessels are supplied as a compact unit and, if desired, including modular electric control panel.

Pneumatic conveying through conveying vessels - Characteristics:

- Conveying vessel modules to convey materials in dilute, dense and super-dense phase;

- Integrated control panel (option).

Modules available in three configurations:

- Basic: Used for short and medium routes or for materials that are easy to handle and do not require pressure control devices or additional air injection.

- Modulating: Is supplied with devices that control the quantity of conveyed material and regulate the pressure in the line. Used for medium and large distances and materials of difficult handling.

- Full line: Feeds conveying systems in super-dense phase (e.g. Pipe-in-Pipe®) using or not secondary air. Applicable for materials that are difficult to handle and for long conveying distances.

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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