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Pneumatic conveying, full pipe

Pneumatic conveying of particles in a full pipe - free of friction

Perfect solution to convey abrasive materials or materials that shall maintain their integrity.

Using booster valves, the pressure forces from the conveying are adjusted by a parallel air bypass piping. When the material passes the booster valve, the internal pressure at that point decreases, allowing for the valve to open and to inject air. In this way, the air enters the conveying line only where it is necessary to fluidize the material, thus, avoiding obstructions in the line.

Due to the reduced conveying speed, only 5 to 7% of fines are generated, while in a medium-pressure range or vacuum, the percentage of fines can increase between 20 - 40%, because of the high conveying speed. The world "fines" represents the quantity of powder generated after passing through a 120 mesh screen.

Typical applications:

- Plants operating under suction/pressure with reduced charge of material;
- Conveying through medium pressure;
- Conveying in dense phase;
- Priority is given to a dense phase conveying only because of the generation of fines, i.e. destruction of material's particles. This system especially applies to a low speed conveying.

Some advantages:

- Closed system, operates without emission of particles to the environment;
- Few removable mechanical parts;
- Low maintenance cost;
- High conveying efficiency without clogging risk in the line;
- The cleaning of the piping, when changing the type of material, is made by injection of air without product in the piping;
- Installation with reduction of space, even when changing mechanical conveying for pneumatic conveying;
- Due to continuous and intense blending of the material / air, it is possible to obtain high conveying capacities.

The fluidization reduces the friction among the material's particles themselves and with the internal wall of the piping.

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For instance, the conveying ofgranulated carbon black at lowspeed is only possible by usingsecondary air, controlled atappropriate distances in aparallel line to the conveying line.
The end speed remains constant.

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The flow turbulence inside the pipe is maintained through perforated plates, increasing the air flow in the secondary pipe, such that the material is conveyed compactly.

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