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Pneumatic conveying system for fly-ash

These systems enable efficient and quick conveying of fly-ash in dense and dilute phase.

Pneumatic conveying equipment for fly-ash that conveys the product through pressure vessel and valves to a storage silo. The fly-ash can also be conveyed in dilute phase through rotary valves and conveying ejector.

The air used for the conveying of fly-ash must be clean and humidity-free in order to reach the best performance during the conveying of the material.

When the hopper is loaded, the product is conducted through the valve + ejector, so that the air generated by the blowers conveys the fly-ash to the storage silo.

This solution can be adapted to various systems, depending on the choice of the accessories, and can operate with temperatures up to 250º C.

Typical characteristics:

- Construction material can be of carbon steel;
- Easy maintenance;
- Supervision of assembly and technical assistance;
- No clogging in the conveying line;
- Low energy consumption.

Some advantages:

- Low maintenance cost;
- Easy operation;
- Best cost x benefit ratio - increase of productivity;
- Low energy cost.

This integrated solution for pneumatic conveying of fly-ash guarantees full efficiency of the process, regardless of whether a dilute or dense phase system was chosen.

Rely on Zeppelin Systems Latin America - a partner for your success! Reach the best efficiency in conveying of fly-ash!

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Application: example of pneumatic conveying in dilute phase with ejector.

Crianças admirando a vista

The product is loaded into the hopper, from which the conveying starts.

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