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Dense Phase - Excellence in bulk handling technology

Excellence in bulk handling technology

New technologies ensure more productivity when handling powdered materials or pellets automatically.

New requirements from modern industries steered the specialized team from Zeppelin Systems Latin America to consider new project concepts and to develop new products and new solutions.

With its highly skilled technical team Zeppelin always focuses on:

- Higher productivity;
- Increased immunity to mistakes made by the operator;
- Less wear;
- Less energy consumption;
- More environmental protection.

Zeppelin Systems LA offers complete or partial solutions because it manufactures in Brazil:

- Storage silos;
- Blenders;
- Rotary valves;
- Diverter valves;
- Screw pumps;
- Conveying screws;
- Cyclones and other products on demand.

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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