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Valves for secondary air injection / Boosters

The forces of the conveying pressure and those of the adjustable spring of the booster valve are balanced with the parallel by-pass line pressure. When a concentration of material passes the injection point of the booster valve, exactly at that point, the conveying pressure drops and the booster valve injects air, i.e. the air is only injected into the conveying line where needed to fluidize the materials' concentration.

By reducing the conveying speed, the average increase of "fines" only amounts to 5 - 7% per conveyance whereas with suction or medium pressure conveyance, the percentage of "fines" may increase about 20 to 40% due to the higher conveying speed.

The term "fines" means the quantity of generated dust passing a screen of mesh width 0,125 mm.

The conveying at low speed of carbon black pellets is only possible by using secondary air, controlled at short distances in a parallel line to the materials' conveying line. The final speed remains constant.

Typical applications:

- Carbon black;
- Plants that operate with suction systems and reduced load of material;
- Medium pressure conveying;
- Dense phase conveying;
- Priority is given to the dense phase conveying only because of the little destruction of carbon black pellets. Typically, this system is applicable for slow motion conveyance.

There is a pressure increase due to the decreased velocity of the material.

Some advantages:

- Dust-free closed system - no emission of particles to the environment;
- Only a few movable mechanical parts;
- Low maintenance cost;
- Low noise and environmental risk;
- Cleaning of pipes to convey another type of carbon black is made by conveying air without opening of the piping;
- Space-saving installation, even when changing from mechanic to pneumatic conveying;
- Fluidization reduces friction between the particles of the material itself and the pipe wall.

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Excellent solution for dense phase pneumatic conveying.

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