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Automation - Raw-material feeding.

Complete automation including handling of raw materials to the mixer - from BigBags unloading system, pneumatic conveying and dosing of carbon black, silica, zinc oxide, among others.

Many years of experience, know-how, and technology coming from the centennial German parent company and major projects undertaken for the largest rubber manufactures in the world ensure the competence of Zeppelin Systems LA.

Complete solutions for rubber plants.

Zeppelin Systems LA has the right team for:

- Design of layout;
- Engineering of structures;
- Installation and monitoring of equipment;
- Start-up of industrial plants.

From concept to installation of an industrial plant, Zeppelin Systems LA coordinates and executes all jobs in a quick and professional way, meeting with the customer's requirements.

Count on Zeppelin Systems LA, either for a modification, expansion or new plant.

Crianças admirando a vista
Crianças admirando a vista
Crianças admirando a vista

Bambury injection through coveying belt

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