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Elutriators for pneumatic conveying

This equipment is suitable for pneumatic conveying systems in dilute phase in order to remove suspended dust particles (attached to the pellets by electrostatic force).

Zeppelin Systems Latin America:

- Has tradition, competence and first class technology in fabricating elutriators for pneumatic conveying systems;
- Is an expert in supplying elutriators;
- Offers tailored solutions for different applications.​

Specialized machining, state-of-the-art engineering and more than 35 years of experience in Brazil as well as the worldwide accumulated experience by the Zeppelin Group in more than 100 years, clearly are reflected in reliable products for the national and international market.

Supported by the know-how of its competent professionals, ZSLA supplies:

- Best solution for pneumatic conveying of solid bulk materials;
- Customers' support in all steps of the supply, including after sales;
- Supervision of assembly, installation and start-up of elutriators;
- Specialized technical assistance.

By means of well-established concepts that result in reliable and efficient products, ZSLA controls all fabrication stages of the elutriators, complying with all technical, safety and quality requirements as well as traceability.

Zeppelin Systems' elutriators grant an efficient cleaning of the pellets. Their precise dimensioning is backed up by specialists and the manufacturing process is continuously controlled.

The concise planning of elutriators by ZSLA grants more efficiency and productivity, labor costs savings, little corrective maintenance as well as compliance with the established deadlines.

State-of-the-art technology, services executed without rework, best cost-benefit ratio of the market.


Installation of Zeppelin Elutriators

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