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Angel hair

Solution to remove angel hair in pneumatic conveying systems

Highlight is the angel hair and streamers removal system (drum screener), essential to remove streamers and "angel hair" generated during pneumatic conveying of plastic pellets in dilute phase.

Zeppelin Systems LA joins tradition, competence and first-class technology in manufacturing angel hair removal systems for pneumatic conveying.

Through its specialized engineering, fabrication, conveying and field assembly, Zeppelin Systems LA can supply several types of angel hair removal systems, custom-made for each application.

Zeppelin Systems LA, through its competent professionals, is able to offer:

- The best pneumatic conveying solution for your bulk materials;
- Support during each step of the supply, including after-sales;
- Assembly, installation and startup of angel hair removal systems;
- Specialized technical assistance;
- High technology and best cost-benefit ratio;
- Respect for the environment and all safety norms.


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