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The high-speed pre-mixer that boosts food industry productivity




The high-speed pre-mixer that boosts food industry productivity Observing this tendency, Zeppelin Systems has been seeking to offer similar facilities in its products, to improve the customer experience and provide distinguishing solutions. That is why SuperZepp was developed, a supervisory control and management system of recipes and batches created to allow an integration between the productive system in a very friendly way, in fact, this is its great differential, which makes the training of operators much faster and functional. Moreover, it has all the usual routine control and automation of the factory floor, robustness against the process, user level control, full interactivity with the system both in an active and passive way, through dynamic and interactive faceplates, generating several graphs and reports, as well as the complete database that records in real time all and any action of the system, thus making it suitable for integration with multiple ERP systems, and making it fully compatible with the requirement of Industry 4.0. With this system, it is possible to control and send recipes to the supervisory by the ERP itself, and also receive information directly from the plant. This integration between the management system and the plant floor equipment creates a dynamic and easy-to-communicate environment that is both adapted to the constant changes demanded by the market and also provides greater convenience.

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