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How to reduce expenses with raw materials




Despite the many different modalities available on the market to handle raw materials, numerous companies are looking for the ideal solution that brings benefits such as:

1) Cost reduction per ton;
2) Reduced handling time when unloading trucks and feeding the production process, allowing the operational team to dedicate themselves to more productive activities that bring results;
3) End of wasted materials;
4) Accident risk mitigation;
5) Avoiding risks of lawsuits generated by injuries caused by repetitive efforts of operators;
6) Flexibility to guarantee bulk purchases from any country in the world with favourable conditions.

It was with all these advantages in mind that Zeppelin Systems developed the Bulktilter®, allowing our customers to enjoy all the benefits listed above.

Initially, the Bulktilter® was designed to only tilt 20’ containers, as market demands were only for products that would have this load due to road transport limitations.

Following customer needs, Zeppelin also identified a demand for a 40’ container when handling products with lower apparent densities and soon dedicated its engineering to the development of this fantastic product.

The Bulktilter® has the function of tilting containers with an internal liner to promote the loading and gravitational unloading of the bulk products. With 20’ and/or 40’ container tilt options, it becomes ideal to assist in product unloading.

In combination with a pneumatic transport system and storage silos, a hermetic system is guaranteed without the need for forklift traffic in the plant, with raw material stock in an external area and increased production area.

A great advantage of the Bulktilter® is that its installation and product discharge do not require opening a ditch, contributing to keeping a clean work environment.

Remember that Bulktilter® can be used to load and unload dry bulk products in containers, always with an internal liner.
Several companies, especially market leaders in the plastic segment, already have this type of solution and have proven the benefits. Get in touch with Zeppelin Systems Latin America and make your company more profitable and competitive in the market

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