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Big Bag Unloader

The waste of raw material, the movement of big bags, bags, and pallets between the warehouse and production; forklift traffic through the factory; big bags occupying space; these are costs that, besides compromising industrial safety, reduce your company's profits.

Thus, by purchasing the Big Bag Unloader and the Transilo Zeppelin, you will have more profitable solutions in receiving your raw material, that is, the forklift removes the big bags from the truck and then puts it in the big bag unloader, starting then, through a pneumatic transport system, the product will be transferred to the Transilo, that is, the big bags do not need to be unloaded in your yard or shed, occupying all the space.

Depending on the product to be downloaded, we have some optional devices:

• Double Massager;
• Closed hopper with vibrating and glove box options;
• Access platform;
• Aluminum or stainless steel filter;
• Intelli-Filter;
• Door and table for bag unloader;
• Lump breaking;
• Extractor;
• Pneumatic Vibrator;
• Vibrofluidizer;
• Electric Hoist;

TRANSILO® makes it possible to store vertically outdoors. Areas previously used for storage may be used for other purposes, such as installing new plastic processing machines without the need to build new covered areas. The flexibility of this concept is even more important for companies with great market dynamics that need rapid expansion of production. With TRANSILO®, your production process will be optimized, your costs reduced, your competitiveness increased and your profit more predictable. Think about it! There are hundreds of examples of TRANSILO® in operation, saving time and money for modern, competitive companies. For over 100 years, ZEPPELIN has been manufacturing aluminum silos for a wide range of products, from plastic resins to foods such as flour and sugar. Consult ZEPPELIN and reduce waste in your company.

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