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FISPAL 2023 - Zeppelin Systems Latin America presents: Dymomix®
The high-speed pre-mixer that boosts food industry productivity



Fispal 2023

Zeppelin Systems Latin America was once again present at FISPAL Technology 2023, held from June 27 to 30 at São Paulo Expo. The event attracted over 44,000 visitors and featured around 450 exhibitors.

As a leader in the bulk material handling and industrial process technologies sector across various industries, Zeppelin Systems directed visitors' attention to the DymoMix® mixing technology for doughs.

DymoMix® is a pre-hydrator that operates extremely quickly and dust-free, capable of producing doughs with consistent homogeneity. All dry components are hydrated with liquids within seconds, exposed to air, and mixed before being introduced into the actual dough manufacturing process. This results in a homogeneous dough that can be used immediately or fed into continuous or batch systems. These features make DymoMix® an optimization solution for the industry, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity on the production line. It is ideal for medium and large-scale industrial plants.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America extends its gratitude to all the visitors who honored us with their presence at the booth. Zeppelin will continue to significantly contribute to the development of industries by providing solutions that drive efficiency and sustainable growth for its clients.
If you are interested in taking a further step towards dough production in your industry, please contact the consultants at Zeppelin Systems.

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