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Colgate-Palmolive expands their pneumatic transport line in the São Paulo unity.



Colgate Palmolive Industrial Ltda is a word renowned toiletries and cleaning supplies manufacturer. Founded in USA, is a global corporation, with a lot of buyers spread around the world.

Owning brands like Colgate, Palmolive, Hill´s, Sorriso, Ajax, Protex and many others, which are very present in the life of many people, your products are well-known by the quality, innovation, sustainability as being part of the best-sellers products in the globe.

The automation of the process uses weighing and dosing technology, operating with rotary valves and high precision scales. This ensures that ingredients are fed efficiently, avoiding waste and inaccuracies.

Their factory unit in Jaguaré, São Paulo, has in Palmolive soap one of the main production lines, supplying the internal and external market. Always looking for a way to improve, they acquired from Zeppelin Systems an expansion for their pneumatic system of soap-chips, doing this to attend all the assembly lines in work. The procurement has as objective the complete automation of these production lines

The expansion is head to pneumatic transport, where the soap-chips are transported to many of the production lines, the dedusting complies with the new dosage and weighing system, superseding the old manual process, upgrading the production time and saving up money.

The pneumatic transport of soap chips demonstrates Zeppelin's expertise in working with solid ingredients. Whether in positive or negative pressure, with one or more points of origin and destination, automating the production system is often possible. This generates benefits such as increased production and reduction of waste and operating costs.

Once again, Zeppelin, Market leader for over 42 years in Brazil, supplies their partners with a complete solution for storage and handling of solid materials, supporting in many necessities that comes in the way, ensuring that if they are looking for the best-available partners in the market, Zeppelin are in the scope. An important project which we feel honored to participate.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Diluted phase through screw pumps, rotary valves, airlift, and fluidized pads.

Crianças admirando a vista

Dense phase through blow tanks with intermittent and continuous pressure, standard line "pipe-in-pipe" or line injectors.

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