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Unipac expands capacity of raw material stock by purchasing Zeppelin Silos for the factory in Limeira / SP



It has five manufacturing units:
• Pompeia/SP Unit;
• Limeira/SP Unit;
• Three in-house units: Regente Feijó/SP, Paulínia/SP e Maracanaú/CE.

It operates in the plastic packaging markets for agrochemicals, tanks and technical parts for the automotive market, solutions for handling and storage, among others.

Always attentive to the dynamics of the market, it invests constantly in its factory park in search of the best solutions to meet the demand of its customers.

To expand its production capacity and raw material stock, UNIPAC made significant investments by acquiring two Zeppelin aluminum silos in 2017.

Each silo has a capacity of 48 m³ (working volume), manufactured in aluminum, with the long skirt and access stairs to the ceiling, also keys of maximum and minimum level. They have an interlock system with the blower that performs pneumatic transport to remove the material (polyethylene granules) from the silo truck and fill the stationary silos.

The concept of vertical storage of raw materials in silos is increasingly being trended in manufacturing plants. It provides less area occupancy, reduction of operating costs and risk of accidents.

Once more Zeppelin, a leader in the equipment market for more than 42 years, participates in the ambitious growth plans of the Brazilian industry, providing complete solutions for storage and handling of dry solids.

Zeppelin Systems is proud to have participated in such important project.

While developing your manufacturing investment plan, remember Zeppelin. We have a team composed of highly qualified engineers to show you the best solutions and competitive advantages.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Pompeia/SP Unit

Crianças admirando a vista

Limeira/SP Unit

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista
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