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Zeppelin Systems Technology for rubber and tires industries



Zeppelin Systems has state-of-the-art technology for rubber plants and tires. More than 500 systems have been implemented in big companies around the world, proving the success of the technology.

The success of rubber and tires industries depends on the precise proportion of raw materials and high-precision feeding and dosing, in extremely short times - a task that requires special technologies, know-how and, most importantly, experience.

Zeppelin Systems provides complete plants ranging from receiving raw materials, storage and transport technology, weighing and dosing of carbon black, silica, zinc oxide, oils, and other additives and small components, even banbury.

Among the technological innovations, we highlight a process of carbon black and silica transportation, ingredients which must be transported in hermetically sealed systems to ensure the lowest transport speed possible in order not degrade the product and that there is no dust in the factory area.

Another key step in the process is the ingredients dosing and weighing. Given the reduced banbury times, the dosage should occur quickly, without forgetting the system precision. In order to achieve these requirements, we have the ideal solution that allows dosing with both high capacity and precision.

The dosage associated with the weighing scale guarantees the accuracy of the system. The special construction feature of the balance made of flexible material with vibration system promotes rapid and full discharge so that the heavy product is actually discharged to the banbury.

Thus, the increase in production capacity, assurance of both repeatability and traceability of the batch, will be guaranteed for several years thanks to an automated process.

If you want to be successful in the rubber and tire industries, contact Zeppelin Systems LA, because we can offer you a system whose operation will produce high quality products for each lot.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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Crianças admirando a vista

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