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Zeppelin Systems participates in new expansion project on Continental Tires



Continental Tires has expanded its plant located in the city of Sumter, South Carolina - US significantly increasing its tire production capacity. This expansion includes the new production and stock area for raw materials and finished products.

Continental developed a system concept and asked Zeppelin Systems to supply the two stages of the production process:

• Silos and pneumatic transport: including the reception of carbon black, vertical storage in external silos and pneumatic transport for internal silos;

• Upstream equipment: including internal daily silos, dosing and weighing system, filters and conveyor belts.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America, a Brazilian subsidiary of Zeppelin Systems GmbH, had the honor of manufacturing aluminum silos to stock raw material in addition to the fluidization devices that help the product to flow inside the silos.

The silos manufactured in Brazil follow the same standards of quality of the German matrix. A highlight of this project was the product extraction: 06 long skirt silos that feed a single carrier vessel - a special engineering to meet and exceed the expectations of each customer.

Currently Continental's Tire division has 24 manufacturing and development units worldwide, standing out as one of the world's leading tire manufacturers.

This investment brought several benefits to the Continental process, in addition to the increase in production capacity, it was highlighted the guarantee of repeatability and traceability of the batch, in an automated process with the storage of raw material in an external area in a vertical way, optimizing the manufacturing space.

Congratulations to Continental on their business vision, Zeppelin Latin America is proud to have been chosen as a partner for this project.

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Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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Crianças admirando a vista

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