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Zeppelin Systems confirms partnership with a multinational customer in another expansion project



A renowned global customer of Zeppelin Systems has demonstrated its concern for the environment by preparing its factory for the production of a new line of state-of-the-art automotive chain products that promote fuel economy for motor vehicle owners.

The project was not limited to the reduction in fuel consumption of car and SUV users. It has also brought about the saving of water and electricity in the production process, thanks to the use of modern production processes.

The investment made in Brazil take place in the largest unit of the Group that serves this industrial segment. And part of this investment was used in the acquisition of Zeppelin solutions, among which we highlight:

• Reception and Storage of raw materials;
• Dosing, weighing and weight checking system for solids;
• Weighing and injection belts;
• Reception, transfer, weighing and injection of liquids;
• Dedusting systems.

This project reinforces an existing partnership between Zeppelin and the customer since it was one supply among many others already made in other plants.

The increase production capacity, assurance of repeatability and batch traceability are guaranteed for several years thanks to an automated process.

We congratulate the client for this innovation and are proud to have been chosen as a partner for this project.

In case of interest in becoming a partner with Zeppelin System LA, consult one of our application engineers. Zeppelin has the best solutions for your business!

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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