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Your satisfaction questionnaire filled in is worth the support to families in need | sponsored by Zeppelin.



Zeppelin Systems constantly contributes to society through a joint action with you, Customer!

Each Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire received at Zeppelin converts in the donation of a basic food package to a Charity Institution.

In 2016, Zeppelin received 31 filled questionnaires and donated 31 (thirty-one) basic food packages to the Jésus Gonçalves Project of the Maria Amélia Charity Association, in São Bernardo do Campo - SP.

This Charity Association helps poor families registered. There is a total of 50 (fifty) families in need, equalling 169 (one hundred and sixty-nine) people receiving food monthly.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the tools that Zeppelin uses to collect the feedback needed to serve its customers better and better.

You, customer who participated in the satisfaction survey in the year 2016, helped with the feeding of 169 (one hundred and sixty-nine) people in need.

You, Zeppelin Systems customer, who are solidary and want to take part in 2017, here's how you can help:

Click the link below and fill our satisfaction survey:

A Zeppelin LA sente-se orgulhosa em participar de projetos sociais como este.
Pequenas atitudes podem transformar vidas!

Mark Heinke
Commercial director

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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