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Tondo trust in Zeppelin Systems for acquisicition of a complete system for receipt, benefit, transfer, dosage and weight of crystal and ground sugar.



From a small wheat mill in the interior of Pinto Bandeira to the construction of a modern world-class industrial park including the wheat mill, pastry shop, biscuit factory, extruded products and mixtures of cakes and baking, the Orquídea's history is marked by a succession of challenges that have resulted in the great company it is today.

Currently, Tondo S / A has one of the largest wheat grinding capacities in the southern region of Brazil: 36 thousand tons per month. With a modern pastry, it consolidated the brand Orquídea between the retail and the final consumer, with capacity to produce 6,500 tons of mass per month . The modern biscuit factory produces 1,800 tons of biscuit per month, including sweet and savory biscuits, wafers, fillings, assorted and cookies. With more than 33 thousand square meters built, it includes the manufacturing plants of Bento Gonçalves and Caxias do Sul, Distribution Centers in Garibaldi, Passo Fundo and Porto Alegre (RS), Florianópolis and Itajaí (SC) and Curitiba (PR).

Traditional and special flours such as pastries, pizzas and confectionery, as well as mixes for breads and cakes, pasta of the most varied cuts, lasagna pasta, grated cheese, savory and sweet biscuits. Always innovating, Orquídea uses new forms of communication, opening channels to exchange experiences with its consumers.

Zeppelin Systems has been contracted to provide a crystal and ground sugar in diluted phase handling system for the manufacture of biscuits as well as the dosing of plastified oil.

This system provided by Zeppelin Systems consists of:

• Simple big bag discharger;
• Rotary lump breakers;
• Rotary valve;
• Vibrating screen;
• Stirrer silo for storage of ground sugar;
• Blower;
• Pneumatic conveying line;
• Scales on the mezzanine and;
• Power and command panel.

The acquired system guarantees Tondo S / A more efficiency, traceability and predictability in the plant, besides equipping it with international industrial hygiene standards.

With this investment, Tondo S / A demonstrates its market leadership to offer products made from selected raw materials under strict process control. In this way Tondo S / A thus offers products whose final quality is guaranteed.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America congratulates Tondo S / A for its initiative and is proud to have participated in this important project.

Whenever you are interested in handling bulk products, please contact Zeppelin application engineers.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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