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Rumo acquire systems that eliminate dust in discharge - Santos



Railroads dealership tests an environmental solution provided by Zeppelin Systems Latin America in operations with trucks and wagons in the port of Santos.

Rumo acquired from Zeppelin Systems Latin America two complete dedust systems for trucks and wagons discharge hoppers. The systems allow to eliminate dust from the Costa Leite Hopper and XXIII Hopper in the port of Santos, with gains in the environmental quality of operations.

Rumo is the biggest logistics operator based on independent railways of Latin America. They offer logistics solutions that involve intermodal conveying, seaport lifting, storage and distribution management.

Commodities like soy, corn and sugar are conveyed to Rumo's terminals in Santos (SP). The dealership operates 12 thousand kilometers of railways in six brazilian states (SP, PR, SC, RS, MT and MS), with nearly 1 thousand locomotives and 25 thousand wagons.

The dedust system it's made of bag filters with smart automatic cleaning, with capacity of 85,000m³/h, pipeline network, fan and chimney for captation of the dust generated in sugar reception for exportation.

The investiment privileges the productivity, security, environmental responsibility and energetic performance, besides being fully automatic, ensured by Zeppelin Systems LA.

With the installation of the dedust system, Zeppelin Systems LA take part in the process of Rumo industrial modernization in the port of Santos. Offering complete solutions for dust captation, besides storage and handling of solids and dry ingredients.

“We congratulate Rumo for their sustainability initiative and feel honored to take part in this important environmental project”, asserts Zeppelin's comercial manager, Mark Heinke. “The growing environmental awareness is consolidate either due to legal requirements or due to the evolution of sustainable and ecological conceipts”, he adds.

Service: for business with Zeppelin Systems LA, one must contact their Business Unit ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL.

Ricardo Santos

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