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Roca Sanitários Brazil improves plant from Santa Luzia - MG



The Roca Sanitarios Brasil, subsidiary of a spanish group with more than 100 years in market, a World leader, and in Brazil they are leaders on manufacturing of sanitary dishes and ceramic housings, it developed the modernization design of the mineral distribution minced rock system for the storage silos at its blueprint from Santa Luzia- MG.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America made part of this important project with the source of pneumatic conveying systems by airslide rails, taking off the mineral dust by two cyclones and two bag filters of the milling process and distributing those mineral dust for eight silos. The supply scope included the basic engineering, the airslide rails supply, blowers, fluidized distribution reservoirs, level instruments, pneumatic guillotine valves and logic algorithm for progamation.

Roca will be benefited by implanting those systems with the operational flexibility, because it can direct the product for more silos than before, and in an automatic process, besides improving the environment control through hermetic systems whose emition keeps under the stipulated levels by the sanitary authorities.

Zeppelin is proud of being part of this modernization process.

Congratulations for Roca Sanitarios Brasil for this important project.

Ricardo Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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