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Food industry entrusts to Zeppelin Systems the study of technical feasibility of adequacy of pneumatic conveying system.



A leading food manufacturer with a large number of plants and more than 10,000 employees in Brazil alone has entrusted Zeppelin Systems Latin America with the mission of testing, scaling and optimizing the carrying capacity of a new powdered ingredient.

This customer's factory successfully carries out sugar transport in a pneumatic conveying system supplied by Zeppelin Systems.

Zeppelin Systems was commissioned to investigate the feasibility and to analyze the pneumatic transport of the new material under actual in-phase transport conditions.

Zeppelin Test Center, is equipped with 3 pneumatic conveying lines, which allows validation of processes for transporting powdered products and granules among others.

The characterization tests of the material (granulometry, angle of rest and apparent density) were carried out before and after the pneumatic transport. The measurement utilized an electromagnetic sieve shaker. 5 samples of material with equal masses were separated in order to perform 5 times the tests and to guarantee greater precision to the obtained results, repeating the process after complete cycles of transport of the material.

The performance of the Test Center demonstrates its ability and excellence in improving customer service, assisting in the system design phase. With more than 200 tests already done on products from several customers, the Test Center is always on hand to meet your needs!

Zeppelin Systems Latin America congratulates this organization for its vision of the future, taking pride in contributing to the creation of solutions for the diversification of the same.

Whenever it is necessary to move, store, dose and carry out transport tests in micro, medium or macro ingredients, consult Zeppelin Systems Latin America, because only then you will receive the best solutions and you will stand out in the market!

Ricardo Santos

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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