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Kodilar alimentos acquires tracemat of Zeppelin Systems Latin America



Since 1984 Kodilar Alimentos, located in São José do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil, produces traditional high quality products, such as seasonings, roasted manioc flour, spices, pop-corn, etc. From its Distribution Center in Valinhos, SP, Kodliar Alimentos serves the whole country.

The main principle of Kodilar is to respect and care about the welfare of all their consumers.

Especially aiming at a standard high quality, Kodilar recently acquired one extremely precise and trustworthy weighing equipment for micro ingredients from Zeppelin Systems Latin America, called Tracemat®.

With a weighing precision of 1g, the Tracemat® grants reliability, traceability, production increase and an absolute clean operation without materials losses.

The input of the recipes in the operational system (PLC) is the moment when the acceptable tolerance for each ingredient is set. From this input on, if, e.g., the input for an ingredient states a tolerance of +/- 3g, the equipment forces the operator to weigh within these parameters.

Once the operator has weight all ingredients of the recipe and he finishes the operation, a printer prints a code-bar label. This label contains all necessary data to trace the whole process: ingredients, specific weight, real executed weight, time of recipe composition, name / code of operator, and so on.

Thus, Kodiar con offer products of highest quality to the market, always with the same characteristics, independent of who executed the recipes or the date they were made.

With this new equipment, Tracemat®, the whole micro ingredient process is traceable and, besides, there are no losses of raw materials. The operation room, where the weighing takes place, is extremely clean and organized (all ingredients in one place). As the operator cannot make mistakes while weighing recipes, a first class final product is granted.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America congratulates Kodilar Alimentos for its initiative in seeking for progress and is proud of having participated in this important project.

Whenever you need reliable and traceable weighing for micro ingredients don’t hesitate to contact Zeppelin Systems LA’s application engineers.

Ricardo Santos

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