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Zeppelin Systems - 10 years quality assurance

After last month’s audit, Zeppelin Systems Latin America received from Bureau Veritas Certification the recommendation that the ISO 9001:2008 Certification shall be maintained, thus, the present recertification is valid until 2017.

Since obtaining the first International Certification for Quality Management System in 2005, Zeppelin Systems LA has been recertified consecutively, confirming its excellence and commitment to the following goals.

1. That the organization performs adequate planning of its Management System and has implemented effectively all planned actions.

2. That the Management System is able to attain the organization’s directions and objectives. The evaluation of the Management System’s capacity, assures compliance with legal requirements and applicable contractual regulations.

3. Identification of areas for improvements in the Management System.

4. That the certified Management System is consistent with the regulatory requirements but not limited to:

a) Internal audits and critical analysis by Management.
b) Analysis of actions taken to fix non-conformities identified in former audits.
c) Handling of complaints.
d) Management System’s efficiency in meeting the goals set.
e) Progress in the planned activities focusing on continuous improvement.
f) Continuity in operational control.
g) Critical analysis in changes that may affect the Management System.

The certification attested during the external auditing by Bureau Veritas Certification is endorsed

by audits and certifications obtained in the last five years by renowned clients with proven excellence, such as:

• Camfil
• Carterpillar
• Solar Turbines
• Rolls Royce
• Cullum
• Hitachi

We congratulate all our work-colleagues involved in this process for the level in excellence achieved.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America commits to persist in obtaining at all times continuous improvements in favor of its clients and business partners.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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